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2 Oct 2018

Nit de l'Art 2018

On September 22, 2018, the annual Nit de l'art was celebrated again. And Felizhair was there! This time with arts by the artist Jorge Cabral. He was born in Cádiz (Andalusia) and started painting and designing back in 1986. He has taken several courses in Palma de Mallorca and since then he lives on Mallorca. He mainly works with oil, acrylics and concoctions. Uses various substrates such as paper, cardboard and cloths. Following a small text which means for him his art: The work must be a real and emotional work that brings forth and provokes new ideas to the viewer. The fascinating thing about a painting is the ability to let ideas flow while at the same time not…
17 Sep 2018

Kevin Murphy Sweeden Seminar 2018

From 14-16. September 2018 the team of Kevin Murphy Sweden was our guest again. This time, color and cut were changed. On Friday and Saturday, the hair of the models was changed with the Color.Me colors by Kevin Murphy and the latest cutting techniques were applied. In the evening, the models performed in the beautiful Puro Hotel next door, on stage and presented their new looks. The most exciting for us then took place on Sunday, when they held three different seminars that day. In our salon, the latest scissors by Kevin Murphy and the corresponding techniques were presented to doll heads. Also, they have shown the latest styling products by Kevin Murphy and how to use them exactly. The…
22 May 2018

Color.ME by Kevin Murphy

The colours of Kevin Murphy inspire the hairdressers and bring happy customers! Kevin Murphy Color.Me offers an effective haircolour, innovation from the modern science and ingredients from the nature. The colours were developed, by the recipe up to the design, under supervision of Kevin Murphy personally. Color.Me is to 100 percent on the other products of Kevin Murphy co-ordinated. They offers exactly like the remaining products: lastingness, environmental compatibility and natural ingredients. The advantages: Mostly after the hairdresservisits, the color looks unnatural and just coloured. This does not happen with the colours of Kevin Murphy, thanks to the Morecolors-principle. The Color.Me line of Kevin Murphy is free of ammoniak, PPD and Parabenes. What spares the hair fiber and leaves no…

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