Event Panasonic

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On the 14. 02. 2018 Panasonic was staying in our salon. They have introduced to several reporters their new products, for women, as well as for men.

For men there is a new wet / dry shaver with automatic cleansing station and loading station in one. Just after shaving, simply put the shaver in the station and up to the next shave, he is ready for use again. Without doing anything. The mole head is ultraadaptable, a perfect adaptation is thereby guaranteed.
Then a body trimmer with which one can cut all contours in the beard very precisely. Also very sensitive places in the body quite simply to trim.
Moreover, a beard / electric clippers with 39 different cut lengths and a watertight case. The perfect cut for every type guaranteed. Is recommended by the professionals!

For women there is a steamer for the facial cleaning and care. Quite simply for home. On the one hand, the steamer gives an Anti-Aging effect by the ion technology. But also suitably for young skin. The steam open the pores and the skin is easy and gentle to clean. At the same time is hydrating very well.
Then the Enhancer, as we call it, the Glätteisen for the skin. A handy device with a titan’s head which is also suitable for sensitive skin. With it one is able to do the skin at the same time cleaning, humidity donate and chill. Of course primarily thought as a professional Anti-Aging device for home.

Very professional and innovative products for the end user at home.
If we can only recommend!

Panasonic. Feliz Hair. Friseur Mallorca
Panasonic. Feliz Hair. Friseur Mallorca

Kevin’s Murphy Color.Me Seminar

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April was a very active month for us.

We had another seminar in our salon. For two days became held in our store the seminar Color. ME, from our favorite brand Kevin Murphy. With trainer Iggy Popovic. The colleagues of Sweden were also present.

Iggy has given an understanding to us of the newest technologies of the colouring and we got the newest tips and tricks of colour. The models looked really great afterwards.

These were two exciting days and very rich in information! Over and over again with pleasure!